Soap Bubbles

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BUBBLE FUNNEL by Agustin Viglione and Mariano Guz


Bubble Funnel is an amazing tool for magicians who wants to do a soap bubble routine in their show.An upgrade to the classic tube with a delicate aesthetic design, feel the absolute airflow control, i..

Di Fatta

Quick Bubbles


Revolutionary tool that allows the magician who wants to make bubbles in her routine, not to have to bring a table, the container with the liquid and the tube on stage.Idsceneal to carry in the jacket..

Alan Wong

Bubble Sharpie Set Refill by Alan Wong


Refill Bubbles for Bubble Sharpie contains 20 units of 22mm solid clear glass crystal bubbles in a black velvet carrying bag. Since you will be giving them away as a very magical souvenir...

Murphy's Magic

Bubble of Love by Duo Germano

Fuera de producción

The most ROMANTIC Appearing Rose ever! Effect: First you make a soap bubble and you make it bounce in your gloved hand. Then you take a mouthful of cigarette smoke or a mouthful of electronic cigarett..

Wonder Bubbles


Wonder Bubbles



Everyone should have Wonder Bubbles. No sleight-of-hand and great for all ages. The magician picks up a jar of bubbles and begins to blow the bubbles into the air. He begins to pop the bubbles one at ..

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