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Black Roses 10 Year Anniversary Playing Cards

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    To mark their 10th anniversary, Black Roses Playing Cards launched the flagship of their collection, enhanced with shiny gold foil. For a decade, these cards have been delighting magicians around the globe and are now reaching a glittering climax with the anniversary edition.

    The cards are fully marked, featuring one-way faces and numerous hidden revelations to enrich your routines. This deck becomes an indispensable arsenal in your magical repertoire, blending seamlessly with your art to mesmerize your audience.

    "The BEST marking system in a deck I've seen that was creative as well as diabolically deceptive."
    - Justin Miller
    • Limited to 2500 decks
    • Targeted gold cold foil on the backs and faces
    • Embossed matte black core paper tuck box
    • Hidden one way marking on the faces
    • Fully marked reader back
    • Completely custom fronts and backs
    • Double backer & 2 of Diamonds duplicate