Juicy News by Tora Magic

Juicy News by Tora Magic

  • €34.90
    • Precio en puntos de recompensa: 35
    • Marcas Tora Magic
    • Código de producto: DFSCE2159
    • Puntos de fidelidad: 3
    • Disponibilidad: Disponible en 3 - 5 días

    Juicy News is one of the fastest action trick of Tora Magic. How this fascinating trick works, makes everyone amused and laugh at the same time.

    To understand what I'm trying to say, you gotta watch the performing video!

    This product is suitable and can be played in ALL places. The preparation is fast and super easy. What you are going to receive:

    - Juice pocket;

    - Newspaper;

    - Online instruction card.