Loong Card Pen

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    The magician has a pen, a piece of paper and a deck on the table. A card is selected by a spectator and returned to the deck.

    The magician then concerìntrates and writes a prediction on the piece of paper with his "magic pen". After a moment of suspense,he shows it to the spectators.

    However it will turn out to be completely wrong! The magician, embarrassed, picks up the magic pen and notices that there is something inside it... it's a prediction! He unrolls it and proudly shows the image of the 3 of diamonds. But again the prediction will be wrong! In disbelief, he asks the spectator which card he had chosen and, after snapping his fingers, he continues to unroll the prediction from inside the pen and slowly another diamond appears and then another, until the prediction, in a funny and amusing way, becomes the 6 of diamonds that the spectator had selected.

    • Simple, practical and FUN!

    • Use it as a normal pen and at the drop of a hat... entertain!

    • The deck is not included, you can use any standard deck..