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Mirrorize (POKER) by Loran

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    Mirrorize is a classic "Do as I do" effect... but with a twist.

    A mesmerizing coincidence occurs with mirror cards in the hands of a volunteer!
    • No force
    • Easy to do
    • Instant reset
    • You finish clean
    • Cards are completely examinable
    • Difficulty: beginner

    You and a volunteer hold in your hands two packs of five cards each, faces down. You both hold these cards behind your back and randomly choose a card from your respective packs. You and your volunteer exchange cards then replace them face up, in your respective packs.

    What a surprise when it is discovered that you and your volunteer have chosen the same card. But that's not all, as a finale all the other cards in both packs are shown to have mirrors on the faces of the cards!

    • 2 identical cards
    • 8 mirror cards
    • Tutorial online (English) & (French)
    Two models available:
    • Queen of spades regular Poker size
    • Queen of swords Tarot size (4,72" x 2,75'")