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Win A Drink (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Leo Smetsers

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    New from Holland Tricks comes Win A Drink by Leo Smetsers.

    Anyone that has seen Leo perform knows he loves to perform fun routines that really get the group going. Well, Win A Drink is just that. This is an effect that will get roars of laughter.

    It's simple to do and perfect to perform anywhere there is a bar. Using a classic principle disguised as a simple game Win A Drink is entertaining and fun!

    You spectator is asked to choose a disc for everyone on the table and even himself. When everyone turns over their discs, they all say Win A Drink but when your spectator (who has made the choices) turns over his, it reads Buy A Round!

    Win A Drink is the perfect compact effect to carry with you on a night out.

    Comes complete with custom plastic discs and a full tutorial video.